Samaya & Taffin

Excerpt of Girl In The Mist

Rory stayed where he was, debating whether he was going to trust Joey with a needle and thread when she reappeared.
“Here we are,” she announced. The melodic accent was back, and with it the soothing presence of Octavia.
A sigh of relief escaped him.
She placed a small first aid box on the counter and opened the lid. “We don’t have any anesthetic, but I think we’ll manage, yes? You look like a tough hombre.”
Slouching on the bathtub’s edge, he smiled involuntarily.
With a deep frown of concentration, she dipped a tiny needle with thread in the antiseptic liquid that she’d poured into a plastic cup.
“Keep still. And do not worry.” The needle’s sharp point glinted in the overhead light as it passed before his eyes. “I know what I am doing.”
“Ouch.” The sting of the needle piercing his skin and tug of the thread pulling through made him wince.
“Don’t be a baby,” she reproved, shifting her position.
Which managed to distract him and draw his full attention to her breasts. Her nipples perked against the gauzy material. Instantly, his mind flooded with erotic images. Of him lifting the top, exploring her soft skin with his mouth, her moaning with her head thrown back. One fantasy led to the next, of her straddling him, of her heat....
He cleared his throat and fisted his hands on his thighs. He had to get his badly straying libido under control. But other, even more vivid mental images followed in rapid succession. Sexual fantasies hadn’t managed to pile up this fast since he’d been in his teens.
“Are you all right, querido?” she asked, leaning back a bit so she could look at his face.
“Yeah,” he croaked, perspiration breaking out on his forehead.
“You’re not going to pass out, no?”
He wished. But he shook his head. “I’m fine.”
She didn’t believe him. “‘Cause if you are, we better move to the bed.”
“No!” he said, perhaps a tad too fiercely.
Her frown deepened. She examined his drawn features. “Then what is wrong? You’re all tensed up, all of a sudden.”
For a moment, he considered lying, then decided to put it out in the open. Sometimes it was just best to lay out all the cards.
“That top,” he said between clenched teeth, nodding at the poor excuse for clothing that showed the full glory of her feminine shape, “doesn’t leave much to the imagination.”
She glanced down at her breasts, objectively examining them, before meeting his eyes. “This bothers you?” Her question was both thoughtful and curious.
“No,” he said, meeting her eyes. “That’s the problem.” And it was. A big problem. It was damn hard not to be affected by her closeness. In fact, he found it practically impossible.
“Ah!” She trailed the scooping neckline lightly with her fingers. “I could put on a vest...or something,” came her helpful suggestion.
“That would be good,” he said, fully expecting her to leave to do exactly that.
She didn’t but remained right in front of him, speculation in her expression. “Or I could take it off?”