Samaya & Taffin


Siblings Samaya and Taffin grew up in a somewhat unorthodox family. Born in the Netherlands, their early childhood was a relatively normal one, but their teens were spent traveling through Europe with their mother and siblings before they settled down in Southern Spain to build their home from scratch. In 2015 they returned to their country of birth.

Though different in character, brother and sister shared a love for strong, character driven stories with one recurring element they both needed in all their reading—romance. Though Samaya can get side-tracked by horror, and Taffin can get lost in sci-fi from time to time, they always return to the genre that never fails to draw them into any plot—romantic fiction.

In 2008 they started working together, first on Samaya’s earlier manuscripts, but other, newer stories, too, to see if they could find an audience for the work they’d put their hearts and souls into.. In the process of learning to work together, many fierce discussions followed as they argued grammar, plot, and even something as simple as comma placement (doesn’t everyone?). Girl in the Mist, now published by Entangled Publishing LCC, was their first joint effort, but there are many more on the way.